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Make a Referral

Make a Referral

To Make a Referral
There are two ways to make a referral

  1. Phone the most appropriate veterinary practice in the Re-Fur-All Referrals network. OR
  2. Fill in and submit the referral details form below and you will be contacted as soon as possible to finalise date, time and location of appointment, and discuss whether an online consultation would be suitable. Once an appointment has been made, a copy of the patient's full, clinical, veterinary records, including previous test results, should be sent to me or the chosen referral practice, along with the name and address of the vet to whom all reports will be sent.

Please include:

Your name, address, telephone number (landline and mobile if available) and email.

Whether you are from a veterinary practice or you are the animal's owner.
If you are the owner, please give the name, address, and telephone number of your vet and veterinary practice.

Details of the animal such as their name, species, age, breed and sex.

Dogs and Cats

The approximate length of the first consultation is 90 minutes. Subsequent consultations are scheduled for between 20-30 minutes. An appointment involving allergy testing normally takes 2 hours, although this is rarely carried out at the first consultation.

Please note that the dermatology referral service at the Best Friends' Clinics is available only to Best Friends Veterinary Group vets and their clients.

Horses and Other Animals

Appointments and visits are made on an individual basis.

Referral Form
Please fill in as many details as you can and click Submit when you are ready

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Pet's Details


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